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Hardware monitoring Hardware monitoring and response to malfunction.
Server monitoring (active) Active server monitoring is fulfilled by our action on the event of any of the monitoring triggers going off. Trigger conditions are predefined and addressed in the contract.
Server monitoring (pro-active) Pro-active server monitoring is fulfilled by periodically reviewing and analyzing system indicators. This way many potentially critical conditions can be eliminated before them happening. Main difference between active and pro-active monitoring is active problem resolution before trigger alert or critical condition taking place.
Custom monitoring We can create flexible custom configuration according to client wishes. Typically that would be custom software usage or custom monitoring items for specific indicators like throughput or malfunction.
Application layer monitoring (NewRelic) Application monitoring using enterprise New Relic tool providing insights into application performance.
Troubleshooting & Services
Performance analysis System performance monitoring. Standard monitoring parameter thresholds are agreed upon and monitored. For instance: website dynamic content load time - less than 2 sec. Longer load times are analyzed by our system administrators and network engineers to recommend a solution.
Custom software and package installation Custom software installation. This may include client chosen software packages that need special compile instructions and configuration.
Dedicated technical contact Dedicated system administrator who actively monitors, works on and has know-how of client system.
System architecture System architecture design and planning. This ranges from design of high-availability database system solutions, high-availability solution planning and implementation to integration of additional "cloud" resources.
Auto-scaling infrastructure implementation Auto-scaling system implementation using client specified instruments. This makes system scale automatically by utilizing more(less) resources in regard to visitor traffic, system load and other client specified criteria.
Ticket requests HelpDesk HelpDesk / Phone HelpDesk / Skype / Phone Communication channels.
Requests per month 5 10 Unlimited Request count per month using interactive communication channels.
Maximum Virtual Machine count 1 2 4 Maximum Server / Virtual Machine count in single plan.
Service Level Agreement 99.5% 99.7% 99.9%
Guaranteed reaction time during business hours (09:00-18:00,EEST) 1 hrs. 30 min. 15 min.
Guaranteed reaction time off business hours (18:00-09:00,EEST) 8 hrs. 2 hrs. 30 min. Reaction time is interval from problem receipt or problem detection to start of active intervention.
PRICE € 40.00 € 140.00 € 200.00 Plan price per month

What is this "Managed Cloud Services" all about?

Let me tell you our story that roots back to our core. We started as most failed startups do with small projects. We had our own real estate website that had a hard time finding professional support. At that time web had exploded and we had many requests from our colleagues and friends to help them with server setup. We had already seen a lot of cases and problems and had developed a good relationship and communication with developers. We were a trouble detection and extermination service. Never leaving difficult problems until cause was known propelled us forward into a B2B sector. Working together with bigger and bigger projects we had absorbed best practices in planning, management and support. Still we felt like a professional web craftsmans shop. While broadening our spectrum we did not forget our small clients that assisted us getting into the professional league.

As web technologies expanded into a multi-billion business "Cloud" was born to define them. There are so many online opportunities that internet had started to overshadow some traditional commerce. Still the essence is the same: web server, website, visitors. The recipe to succeed online is also the same: your website has to be online and someone has to look after it.

So why "Managed" then? Well, some developers might be capable of setting up your server correctly, they do so many times while learning and preparing their own work environment. However things that work for one person differ from how things work for thousands of visitors hitting your website. We had to walk this path to develop our guidelines and best practices. Sometimes web might seem like a war zone with so many moving parts and not all of them are friendly. However, Web is still a fun place to be and to build your business. That is the road to the future where we'd like to join you!

Yours, Teamhosty
Email: [email protected]