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The principles that spin our world

These five principles are our Pole star that we follow since 2010.


Our vision includes hosting services that adapt to business needs, impeccable customer service and the opportunity to touch the high-end technological innovations.


We develop the software we need, and we kindly share it with our customers.


Good equipment is our standard. Reliable equipment ensures that all the systems work properly, the highest level of operational performance and it saves our and our clients‘ time.

Testing and comparative analysis

We do our homework. Test everything is not enough. We run comparative analyses more often than needed. We offer only the best we have to our clients.

Client service

We take professional client service for granted – it‘s crucial for every client – no matter whether they‘re big or small, loyal or new. We offer more than simply good client service. Let‘s become professional pals.


Servers operate in VMWARE – a reliable virtual platform.

All servers are equipped with the latest CPUs, SSDs and extremely fast NVME.

All the services are provided with the newest integral DDoS / DoS security platform CloudFlare.

We manage dynamic workloads with Kubernetes, that enables unprecedent efficiency heights.


We feel responsible for our and our children future, therefore we sponsor green projects and try to follow sustainability principles in our daily lives. Remote work is one of them, but we don‘t stop here and look for ways to contribute to a greener future. If you have any ideas – don‘t keep them to yourself, do share them! We’re open to every suggestion.

Our story

Let me tell you our story that roots back to our core. We started as most failed startups do with small projects. We had our own real estate website that had a hard time finding professional support. At that time web had exploded and we had many requests from our colleagues and friends to help them with server setup. We had already seen a lot of cases and problems and had developed a good relationship and communication with developers. We were a trouble detection and extermination service. Never leaving difficult problems until cause was known propelled us forward into a B2B sector. Working together with bigger and bigger projects we had absorbed best practices in planning, management and support. Still we felt like a professional web craftsmans shop. While broadening our spectrum we did not forget our small clients that assisted us getting into the professional league.

As web technologies expanded into a multi-billion business “Cloud” was born to define them. There are so many online opportunities that internet had started to overshadow some traditional commerce. Still the essence is the same: web server, website, visitors. The recipe to succeed online is also the same: your website has to be online and someone has to look after it.

So why “Managed” then? Well, some developers might be capable of setting up your server correctly, they do so many times while learning and preparing their own work environment. However things that work for one person differ from how things work for thousands of visitors hitting your website. We had to walk this path to develop our guidelines and best practices. Sometimes web might seem like a war zone with so many moving parts and not all of them are friendly. However, Web is still a fun place to be and to build your business. That is the road to the future where we’d like to join you!

Yours, Teamhosty

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