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We offer emergency support 24/7/365

+370 683 31855
Emergency support is for help when you need it most. You don’t have to be an existing customer and it doesn’t even have to be within office hours.

  • Performance issues
  • Managed service issues
  • VPS / Servers malfunction
  • Database problems
  • DDoS / DoS attacks

Frequently asked questions

What is minimal contract term?

You do not have to enter into long-term contracts

Minimum term for ordering the service: one month. If you order the service and pay in advance for a term longer than half a year – we can provide additional discounts!

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What kind of management console you give to the servers?

Bare-metal servers:

We provide root logins to the already installed distribution and iDRAC (iLO) user logins through a separate dedicated VPN.

Virtual servers:

We provide root logins to your chosen Linux distribution.

Windows Virtual Servers:

We provide Administrator-level RDP login from your allowed IP addresses (whitelist).

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How quickly do you respond in the event of server failure?

Typical SLA

Starting from your contact (call to our phone no., which is always ready to be answered by at least 2 technicians on rotation):
we determine the location of the failure and communicate the necessary assistance to the data center technicians. Typical failure repair time is up to 1 hour, worst case scenario if any network changes or the like are needed duration up to 4 hours.

Contact us and we will customize your own SLA plan!

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What other CPU/RAM/Disk configurations are available?

We can help you choose the right configuration

Please describe your project and needs.

Required information:

  • Number of servers;
  • The need for virtual machines;
  • Need for Kubernetes;

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Can I bring my own server to host?

We currently do not provide colocation services

We use specialized network devices, additional control modules for the 10Gbps network, so we cannot accept your equipment at the moment, because there is no possibility for non-standard connections. It might still be worth for to you rent our servers – we could use your disks or other components and transfer them to our server.

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