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There would be no Team Hosty without the TEAM

We‘re a team where all members are equal. It doesn‘t matter whether you‘re a newbie or the CEO – here everyone deals with tickets according to their skills. If you face trouble, colleagues will always have your back.

Team Hosty

Why us?

Remote work

It doesn‘t matter whether you live in Vilnius, Nida or Zakopane – all we care about is your motivation and flexibility.

We invest in your professional growth

The stronger you are, the stronger your team is. We invest in your knowledge and skills, we train and get better together.

Task complexity based on your skills

We take into account your current skills and growth perspectives. So we provide respective tasks.

Advanced organizational structure

We‘re are creators and we work towards the same goal, so often our tasks are similar. Don‘t hesitate and ask questions – we‘re one team and we‘ll solve all issues together.

Big companies – interesting projects

There will be lots of interesting tasks because we fall for difficult projects. We love solving the insolvable. Unique and interesting cases are waiting to be solved.

We love adventures

Team buildings and workcations are a must. We believe that these activities help to get to know colleagues better, broaden one‘s horizons and allow to relax.


LINUX server configuration, LAMP/LEMP Stack help, system management and automation



If you YESed three times to these requirements, let‘s talk.

  • LINUX system knowledge and at least 2 years experience in professional administration,
  • Willingness to grow,
  • Analytical thinking.

Technological skills, you‘ll definitely need:

  • Ubuntu,
  • VMware,
  • Bash / Python script programming,
  • Experience with LAMP/LEMP,
  • Kubernetes,
  • Pagrindinių tinklų sąvokų suvokimas.

What we offer:

  • Choose a place to work from. We offer a fully remote position, so you can work from whichever country you want (it would be amazing if it‘s a 1-2-hour difference from EET).
  • We don‘t want you to stop growing, so we always give you additional tasks. They help you grow your knowledge muscle, so everyone will benefit.
  • We‘ll provide you with all the necessary work equipment (a laptop and mobile internet).

Send your motivational letter and CV to

[email protected]

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